Cloud Architecture and DevOps Consulting

In a world where infrastructure and code are becoming ever closer, Asfand’s skills lie perfectly at the intersection of software development and operations. Asfand was a great asset to our team, and I hope to work with him again in the future.
— Andrew McDonough - CTO, TribeSports

Services Offered


I am an AWS Certified Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

I help organizations get the most out of the cloud by designing and developing cutting-edge infrastructure that is secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant while using automation heavily to minimize the effort required to maintain it.

I also build tools like continuous integration and delivery pipelines that help developers release their changes safely and quickly, allowing for a quick feedback and iteration cycle - a must for innovative, lean organizations.

These services help organizations spend less time and budget on maintaining their infrastructure and deploying software, and more time on growing and beating the competition.

I have a particular focus on migrating organizations to serverless computing platforms such as AWS Lambda, and orchestration-free platforms such as AWS Fargate.
I have helped teams shore up their security, thus warding off threats like ransomware, data theft, and virus infections.
I specialize in automation tools like CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, and Jenkins. I am an expert in the Ruby language, and can also develop in Python, Go, and JavaScript.


Past Work

I worked on the donations platform of a major UK charity that holds a yearly show on the BBC full of entertainment as well as fundraising activity. In 2018 their show was based on sports. The specification stated that the donations platform was to be able to collect up to and about a million donations in total, at a rate of up to 200 donations a second. It passed this test with flying colours, and even though the actual number of donations and rate of donations never reached the specified amount, the platform did not lose a single donation.

A large brand affiliated with a major UK energy provider already had popular products like a smart thermostat and a smart boiler. They now wanted to to offer a smart camera as a push to offer a complete smart home product. I helped them develop their infrastructure in AWS, and created serverless tools using AWS Lambda to help streamline the maintenance of the platform.

The creator of the most famous online encyclopedia wanted to develop a cell phone operator with a difference: it would market itself by facilitating charity donations and spreading the word for charitable causes. They required a social network where philanthropic individuals could connect to each other. I worked on the actual social network web application itself, and also on the platform where it was hosted. 4 years later, even after the development team was drastically reduced, the platform has continued to run without any major outage.



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